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1858 Cloud Cruiser is an Exploriens Space set released in 1996. It contains a small spacecraft manned by Ann Droid. It was recommended for children 5-10.


The Cloud Cruiser is one of the smallest Exploriens sets. It has three thrusters, two of which can rotate. On the front of two of the thrusters are lasers, and on the front of a ship is another laser. The set contains the Explorien Minifigure, Ann Droid with a small black space gun and a small spacecraft vehicle. The vehicle has two 4x4 right and left wedge wings, two long black stud connecting receptacles right behind that and two white space gun pieces with a transparent-blue stud extending from it. These two wings are connected in the centre by a black 2x6 plate, a black seat and 3x2 slope piece with an Exploriens symbol printed on it. The slope is also connected to the vehicles control 1x2 plate printed control panel as well as a long black stud receptacle at front with a white and transparent-blue stud. The cockpit seat itself is only connected to the vehicle and to a transparent-green dish at the back representing a rocket boaster.

Minifigures Included


  • This set did not appear in US catalogs.
  • This set was included as a free set in the bundle VP-5 UFO Value Pack.


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