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This article is about the set. For the year, see 1969.

1969 Bot Assistant (also known as 1969 Mini Robot and 1969 Mobile Security Robot) is a Space Police II set released as part of a Bonus Pack in 1993. It includes a wheeled robot and a Space Police II Officer.


The Bot Assistant is one of the smaller Space Police II sets. It contains a robot, slightly larger than a Minifigure, and a Space Police II Officer. The robot moves on four small wheels. It has two antennae and two special arms, whose hands can also connect with special parts. It has the SP II logo on the front. The Space Police Officer carries a Radio Communicator.


To fight the forces of Blacktron Future Generation, the people of M-Tron enlisted the help of the Space Police.


  • This set was only available in 1967 Bonus Pack, and as a result has no official name.

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