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This article is about the set. For the year, see 1973.

1973 Emirates Airliner is a Town Airport promotional set released in 1990. It contains an airplane with a pilot and a passenger.


The fuselage has the classic design (especially the boxy nose and cockpit assembly) that was previously established in 1985. The aircraft has four passenger seats behind the cockpit; the plane's interior can be accessed by tilting up the roof and a part of the left side. The exterior also features Emirates livery and Arabic alphabet.


  • This airplane was unique in several regards. It was the first LEGO passenger plane that sported a conventional tailplane arrangement (horizontal stabilizers at the base of the vertical stabilizer) and not the ubiquitous T-tail common in most LEGO planes. It was also the only minifigure-compatible plane labeled with the logo of a real world airline (namely, Emirates).
  • 1774 Aircraft has the same basic design as the Emirates Airliner and differs only in colour.
  • The airplane in this set appears to be based on an Airbus A310.

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