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This article is about the set. For the year, see 1974.

1974 Smuggler's Hayride is a set released in 1989 for the Forestman sub-theme of Castle. It includes a smuggler and a forestman with a bow and arrow, and a quiver. It is only included in 1974 Bonus Pack.


Smuggler's Hayride is similar to 1680 Crusader's Cart. Instead of smuggling a forestman, it has a spot on the bottom for a treasure chest. The sides of the cart tilt outwards, allowing more hay to be placed on it. However, these hay bales aren't attached to another brick. Because the set is old, instead of Gold Coins it contains yellow bricks ("Pips"). In the back of the cart is a spear and a farmer's rake. Oddly, the whip used by the smuggler is green. The set also includes a forestman, possibly an ally or an enemy of the smuggler.

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