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This article is about the set. For the year, see 1980.

1980 Santa's Elves is a Seasonal set released in 1991. It includes two brick-built elves, one male and one female, in red clothing.


The first elf is male. He wears a red, pointed hat with a yellow and white bricks underneath to represent his face and hair. The yellow brick is printed with two black dots for eyes and a third red dot centered and below for a nose. Underneath are two red slopes jutting out at either side for arms with yellow plates for hands, and a white piece sloping forward is in the front for a beard. His body slopes backwards before reaching his legs, which are grey coloured trousers, and a black plate makes up his feet.

The second elf has the same hat and face and hair colour, except her hair slopes back. Her arms are slopes like the other elf and her chest is made of a flat, red brick. She has a skirt or dress that sticks out on the sides, thanks to longer slopes, and has red legs and black feet.


Elves are workers under Santa Claus' employment who help him in his workshop in the North Pole.

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