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2000069 ROBOLAB 2.9 Software is an Educational MINDSTORMS set released in an unknown year.

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This latest upgrade to the ROBOLAB software platform allows users to communicate with both MINDSTORMS platforms, using the RCX or the NXT bricks. It is developed to aide existing ROBOLAB users migrate step-by-step from the RCX to the NXT platform. The software capability is equal to the 2.5.4 version of the software, with new features such as faster firmware and floating point math. The software pack includes PDF user manuals and resource materials. This software does not support Bluetooth ™ communication to the NXT brick. Language versions: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, French, Japanese Key Learning Values:

  • Investigating energy, forces and speed
  • Programming and controlling input and output devices, using wireless communication
  • Developing solutions, select, build, test and evaluate
  • Measuring, using coordinate systems, conversion and applied math
  • Creativity, problem-solving and team-working skills

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