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20007 Mini Republic Attack Cruiser is a Star Wars BrickMaster mini released in 2009. The set contains 84 pieces and instructions to build a Venator-Class Star Destroyer. It was sent to members of Brickmaster on January through February of 2009.


The ship is built mainly out of Medium Stone Grey pieces, with Dark Red ones as well. There are also a few in Dark Stone Grey, Brick-Yellow and Transparent Light Blue also. Them front of the venator has two layers of curved pieces at the front with a layer of parts making a groove in between them. On the top of this is a strip of maroon plat pieces and two light sand studs. The front curves in and then out again slightly until the very back where the rate increases. Above this are four guns and the base of the cockpits. At the back of this are two engines with dark grey 'bottle' pieces and transparent blue studs on the back of them. At the front of the cockpit base area is a transparent light blue stud acting as a glass. Four sloped pieces go up to two flick-fire missile pieces on clips.


Republic Attack Cruisers were cruisers utilised by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. These ships were used for a variety of purposes, such as for combat, deploying starfighter squadrons and facilitating planetside invasions, and could also be used for transporting goods which needed protection. After the Clone Wars, they were used by the Galactic Empire until they were slowly phased out of the Imperial Navy. Venators then proceeded to be used by Rebels, Imperial splinter groups, and many other groups for at least a century.

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