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20021 Mini Bounty Hunter Assault Ship is a BrickMaster Star Wars Mini set released in 2011. The set includes a mini version of the Bounty Hunter Assault Ship.


The mini Bounty Hunter Assault Ship has a cockpit that goes down from the main body. This is mainly green and has black two guns at the bottom and a large window at the front. At the top of the cockpit is a bar that goes backwards. This is decorated with green bricks at the front and dark grey ones at the back. Behind that are some sloping green bricks and some transparent red lights. Two back guns are near the back of this, which below are two engine type things. From the front of the bar are wings, one on either side. These are dark grey at the front and green at the back. At the ends of each wing is a green, yellow, and dark grey engine with transparent yellow lights at the back.


In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Bounty Hunter Assault Ship was used by Sugi and Embo to defend some farmers on Felucia when Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang attacked. The ship was also used in rescuing Chewbacca, Ahsoka Tano and a team of Jedi Padawans from Trandosha.


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