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2009788 Robotics Engineering Volume 2: Guided Research is an Educational Mindstorms set released in an unknown year.

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This activity pack provides 3 comprehensive research projects of up to 60 hours tuition in total. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy, projects are based on real-life themes: Automated Mining, Sentry Guard Dog, and Automated Tree Measuring following an authentic Engineering guided research approach. Includes advanced programming support. 2009788 is the next natural step for students who have completed the Introduction to Mobile Robotics 2009787. Language versions: English Key Learning Values:

  • Investigating energy, forces and speed
  • Programming and controlling input and output devices, using wireless communication
  • Developing solutions, select, build, test and evaluate.
  • Measuring, using coordinate systems, conversion and applied math
  • Creativity, problem-solving and team-working skills

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