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2009797 Introduction to Robotics is an Educational Mindstorms set released in an unknown year. It includes a DVD and some information regarding robotics.

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Getting started in the classroom - this CD provides up to 24 hours of tuition divided up in 6 main projects and 3 end-of-project activities. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy, it is an easy to use step-by-step guide to robotics engineering using the MINDSTORMS Education hardware and software. Includes presentations and video clips, worksheets and teacher introduction materials. Teaching robotics can be extended to include theme-based projects, see 2009798. Language versions: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Dutch Key Learning Values:

  • Investigating energy transformation, force, speed, and centre of gravity
  • Programming and controlling inputs, such as ultrasonic, sound, light, and touch sensors, and output devices such as motors and lamps
  • Measuring distance and speed, sound volume, conversion of units and applied mathematics

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