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20215 Invention Designer is a Master Builder Academy set released in 2013. It consists of 20209 Time Machine, 20210 World Architecture, and 20211 Inventor's Lab. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Master the Art of Creating your own Inventions!

Bring your creations to life with the Invention Designer set! Includes 3 separately packed bags of bricks, each with a matching book. Hop aboard your Time Machine and journey to the sci-fi world of Steampunk! Experience some of history’s greatest innovations with architectural styles from all around the world, then visit the Inventor’s Lab and use your newest design skills to build your own LEGO brick inventions! Another 13 new building instructions will inspire the inventor in you! This set includes:

  • 13 designs; 3 for the main models plus 10 additional springboard model instructions will jump start your creativity
  • 141 official LEGO® building tips and techniques from the actual designers of the models
  • Three 84-page Designer Handbooks teaching 6 LEGO Master Builder techniques
  • Three exclusive LEGO MBA Level 4 Minifigures, each with a themed accessory build
  • Access code to members-only online LEGO Master Builder Academy content at, featuring additional tips and building instructions, special videos and technique demonstrations, skill tests and fun activities, and a gallery for you to show off your own custom creations
  • Learn more about Space Designer, Robot & Micro Designer, Action Designer, and Adventure Designer!
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  • It is the first Master Builder Academy set not to be in subscription form in its initial release form.