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This article is about the year. For the set, see 2022 Ride-On Elephant.
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  • LEGO will celebrate its 90th anniversary.
    • As part of the anniversary, LEGO will release a set based on a classic theme geared towards adults. On January 17, 2021 a poll was published on LEGO Ideas to help determine which this would be. [1]
      • The available choices to vote for are Trains, Town, Classic Space, Classic Castle, Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Model Team, Forestmen, Blacktron, Black Knights, Pirates, Imperials, Space Police, M-Tron, Wolfpack, Paradisa, Dragon Knights, Ice Planet, Aquazone, Spyrius, Exploriens, Time Cruisers, Divers, Adventurers, Xtreme Team, Rock Raiders, Studios, Bionicle, Artic, and Alpha Team.
  • The LEGO Group's Star Wars license is scheduled to expire if it is not renewed. [2]
  • 5731 LEGO Island, the first LEGO video game, will celebrate its 25th anniversary.


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