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21012 Sydney Opera House is an Architecture set released in March 2012.


The Sydney Opera House set contains 270 bricks in total, it is to represent a miniature model of the unique and what is described as a somewhat "Gothic Cathedral" structure by other designers. The set has majority of tan coloured bricks, mainly used to represent the concrete floor, and also clear transparent bricks, mainly used for the glass window structures. The two unique main building structures sit on an acute angle towards the middle of the model. A smaller part of the buildings unique structure sits near the edge of the model, which uses far smaller bricks in the model.


The Sydney Opera House was considered a structure ahead of its time. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is 67 m (220 ft.) in height and 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres) in area. Utzon first introduced the idea in 1956 at a New South Wales International Design Competition. His design was so unique that the Australian government eventually funded for the construction of the Opera House, it took up an enormous scale of 30,000 cubic metres of rock and soil, the shells even required the world's biggest cranes. Construction began in 1964 eventually finishing in 1973 and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England on October 20, 1973. Since then the Opera house has received well over 100 million people since then and about 45 million of them have attended musicals and theatre productions at the Opera House. The Opera House is not just only used for Opera, but also other musical and theatre purposes.


  • Inside the instructions is a section containing information on the Sydney Opera Houses architecture and history.
  • This is the first Australian based Architecture set.
  • The architect, Jorn Utzon, is Danish, coming from the same country as LEGO.
  • This set is the only Australian Architecture set to be on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Recreate the Sydney Opera House™ – a truly iconic landmark!

Introducing the world-renowned Sydney Opera House™. This masterpiece of expressionist architecture is the vision of young Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, whose unique interlocking vaulted ‘shell’ design beat 933 competitors from 28 countries to win an international design competition held by the New South Wales government in 1959. Combined with the beautiful setting of Sydney Harbour, the opera house has become a true symbol of late modern architecture and one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century. This LEGO® Architecture series interpretation of the Sydney Opera House was designed by US architect Adam Reed Tucker in collaboration with the LEGO design team.

  • Interpretation of real-world architectural landmark Sydney Opera House™
  • Booklet included with details on design and history (English language only. Other languages available for download)
  • Collect the entire landmark series
  • LEGO® Architecture inspires future architects, engineers and designers as well as architecture fans around the world using the LEGO brick as a medium for reproducing esteemed structures
  • Measures 4.3” (10.7cm) tall, 6.2” (15.7cm) wide and 2.6” (6.6cm) deep


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