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21137 The Mountain Cave
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Charged Creeper
Angry Wolf
Angry Baby Wolf
Black Sheep


Flag-US $249.99
Flag-DE €249.99
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21137 The Mountain Cave is a set released in 2017. Description

2,863 parts.  US $ 249.99 - CA $ 299.99 - € 249.99 DE - EN € 269.99 - £ 259.99 UK - DK 2099.00 DKK

Discovery of the mine!

The mine comprises a spectacular rails circuit with an integrated elevator actuated by the red stone, and various other features and functions, including an explosion in TNT, a rotatable spider generator, an explosion of creeper ™ loaded and lava.

The light brick illuminates the spiders generator, the red stone wall, pumpkin lantern, shelter the first night, the furnace, lava or torch above the entrance to the mine.

This LEGO® Minecraft scalable and easy-to convert is designed for young fans of the video game type sandbox. Includes figures of Steve and Alex, thirteen more creatures including a Creeper ™ loaded.

  • Includes two figures: Steve and Alex , plus a spider of the mine, a wolf, baby wolf, slime, two little slimes, two bats, a zombie, a Enderman, a skeleton, a sheep and a Creeper ™ charged .
  • Includes a mine car circuit with an integrated lift operated by the red stone, two mine cars, a shelter for the first night with a bed, a bench and a torch, a shelter on top of the mountain with a bed, torch and a furnace plus a light brick, a waterfall, lava and additional torches.
  • The template opens to access the detailed interior and turns with easy modular sections to be connected.
  • Diamond ore elements can be removed.
  • This box contains a spider generator.
  • The creeper ™ loaded can explode.
  • The mine car bearing down on the circuit! The elevator reached the top of the mountain through the red stone.
  • The mountain explodes with TNT to enlarge the track circuit.
  • The light brick is activated to enable the spider generator, the red stone wall, pumpkin lantern, shelter the first night, the furnace, lava or torch above the entrance to the mine.
  • The detailed interior is easily accessible.
  • This box contains a golden armor, a diamond sword to be ready to fight!
  • Weapons include a sword and a bow.
  • Accessories include Minecraft ™ clock, spider eyes, panels, a map, a golden armor, a shield, TNT and eight ore style elements, including a diamond, a lapis lazuli, emerald, stone red, gold ore, iron and two coal minerals.
  • A modular design, easy to turn: three configurations of different models are possible .
  • The set can be rebuilt for more LEGO Minecraft Creations ™!
  • This set includes more than 2860 pieces.
  • Is more than 31 cm high, 53 cm wide and 29 cm deep

Minifigures Included

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