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21157 BigFig Pig with Baby Zombie is a Minecraft set that was released on January 2, 2020.


Baby Zombies are smaller versions of the classic Minecraft zombie mob. While they have the same amount of health, they are also 30% faster, making them much more dangerous. They are able to fit through tiny gaps and have a much smaller hitbox, but they are also able to ride mobs. These zombies, called Baby Zombie Jockeys, can ride a variety of mobs including Pigs.

Pigs are common passive mobs that spawn in the Overworld. They drop pork chops upon death, and can be ridden with saddles. Pigs can be bred, and spawn in herds in grassy biomes. They can also spawn in villages. People can ride pigs, and so can baby zombies, which may be the reason for the pairing.


The set includes a large pig and a very small baby zombie mounted on its back. The pig has a rectangular body made of Light and Dark Purple tiles and bricks on the outside of a body made of TECHNIC pieces. The pig has a head also made of Light and Dark Purple bricks, with a protruding snout made of a single 1x2 brick with two nostrils. The face is made of a special Light Purple tile with eyes on it. The body has four legs connected to the body via four plates with ball cups. The legs are each built out of Light and Dark Purple tiles that form a bulky rectangular structure.

The baby zombie is built out of a small amount of pieces, with a tiny square body built out of Dark Azur bricks connected via two plates with hinges to small legs that are merely 1x2 plates connected to the hinge. The arms are built out of two 1x1 Dark Green bricks each, connected horizontally to the body with a hinge. The head is built with a large amount of Light and Dark Green plates, and the face consists of a 1x3 Dark Green plate as a forehead and a larger 2x3 Dark Green plate with exclusive face printing. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Minecraft™ players can bring the game’s online excitement to life with a LEGO® Minecraft BigFig Pig and Baby Zombie. This large-scale set inspires endless independent play and provides cool Minecraft decorations that kids will love to display in their rooms! Give kids the 3D Minecraft toy experience! Children aged 7 and up will love to continue their Minecraft adventures in the real world. Pig and Baby Zombie are buildable, posable toys designed to give kids hands-on Minecraft fun wherever they are. The lovable, pink Pig’s head and legs are movable, and so are the cute, green-faced Baby Zombie’s head, legs and arms. Pig is even happy to let Baby Zombie ride on its back! Make Minecraft Mega – with LEGO® BigFig sets! LEGO® Minecraft BigFig sets are supercool, super- collectible and, best of all for adults, a super Christmas or birthday gift for kids. BigFigs are extra-large for extra enjoyment, and they put hands-on, open-ended creative play in Minecraft players' hands!

• Put Minecraft™ adventures into kids’ hands with LEGO® BigFig Pig and Baby Zombie. These authentic real-world models of the iconic video game characters are great to play with, to display and to collect.

• Big and easy to build, LEGO® brick BigFig Pig and Baby Zombie toys feature a realistic design with movable limbs to maximize play possibilities. And when the action stops, they look great as decorations in kids' rooms.

• Give kids new ways to play Minecraft™. Whether kids are recreating favorite Minecraft scenes or making up adventures of their own, LEGO® BigFigs add a whole new physical dimension to the popular computer game.

• Great gift for Minecraft™ players! Cool Christmas, birthday or any-other-day present for boys and girls aged 7 and up. Only requires basic building skills and combines with other LEGO® Minecraft BigFig sets.

• At over 4” (10cm) long and 2” (6cm) high, the BigFig Pig offers Minecraft™ fun on a large scale – whether having adventures with Baby Zombie at over 2” (7cm) tall or with other BigFigs from the LEGO® Minecraft collection.

• Battery-free fun, so the enjoyment never ends! Real-world, hands-on play powered by kids’ imaginations gets them off the PC and boosts their thinking, problem-solving and social skills.

• Get kids building and playing with their toys quickly! Simple, clear instructions ensure the fun starts straight out of the box.

• Every LEGO® Minecraft™ BigFig toy brings Minecraft's online excitement into the real world. With high-quality, authentic-looking models, LEGO Minecraft sets take kids’ play experience into a new dimension!

• Because LEGO® toys meet the highest industry standards as well as our own quality criteria, they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly every time – and it's been that way since 1958.

• At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bend, scratch and stretch LEGO® bricks and pieces to ensure they meet the highest global safety and quality standards – and you can be certain your child is safe.


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