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21158 The Panda Nursery is a Minecraft set that was released on January 2, 2020.


A panda is a rare passive mob that resides in jungles. Pandas spawn in groups of 1–2 in jungle biomes at the surface on grass blocks with a (minimum) two-block space above them at a light level of 9 or more, but are rarer than other jungle mobs. They spawn with a randomized personality, with the normal one being the most common and the brown variant being the rarest.Pandas act similarly to other passive mobs; they wander aimlessly, avoiding falling off cliffs high enough to cause fall damage, and stay out of water or lava, unless they roll over an edge. They also move faster in water than other land mobs, similarly to polar bears. Pandas follow any player who is carrying bamboo and stop following if the player moves beyond approximately 16 blocks away. They also whimper if a thunderstorm is happening in the area. Adult pandas seek out bamboo and cake items to eat. Baby pandas sometimes sneeze, which rarely drops a slime ball and makes nearby adult pandas jump. They also occasionally roll over and jump around.

Non-aggressive pandas become angry when hurt. When hit, a panda panics for few seconds before trying to attack the attacker only once, similar to llamas. Pandas have one private inventory.


The set has a base made of four 6x12 baseplates, one Bright Blue and the others Dark Green. They are connected to each other via multiple plates and a few 2x8 bricks that form multiple blocks. There is a large amount of 2x2 and 2x4 bricks in Dark Stone Gray, forming a square base and four tall pillars in each corner, with the back ones made from 2x2 bricks and the front ones made from 1x1x5 pillars. On the side of one of the pillars is a single ladder. There is an 8x8 Dark Stone Gray plate on the top of the tower, and bricks and railings in Brick Yellow on the side. On the top of one of the corners is a small lamp. On the other side, there are multiple palm trees made from a variety of Bright Yellowish green 1x1x2 bricks and Earth Green 1x1 plates stacked on top of each other, with a 1x1x2 Bright Yellowish Green brick with knobs on all sides at the top. There are four 1x2 Bright Yellowish Green plates attached to the knobs and hanging down. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Do you know a Minecraft™ player who would love to care for the cute panda figures they see in the Minecraft computer game? Well, now they can! The LEGO® Minecraft Panda Nursery toy building set brings these adventures to life, giving kids an authentic, hands-on Minecraft play experience in the real world. Kids create their own Minecraft stories with a LEGO building set! Children aged 7 and up can continue their online Minecraft adventures in a physical environment. They can look after and entertain the baby panda, prepare the nursery building and rooftop bed where the playful cub sleeps, and provide food for everyone. There’s lots of bamboo for the pandas to nibble on and Alex is here with a delicious-looking toy cake! Cute pandas make LEGO Minecraft even more magical! Best of all for adults, they make a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids. LEGO Minecraft sets put open-ended independent play in kids' hands. And, with the posable, adorable, new-for-January-2020 pandas – they'll never want to put it down!

• Versatile panda playset that brings favorite Minecraft™ stories to life. Kids enjoy hands-on Minecraft fun and adventure when they assemble the LEGO® nursery building set and start caring for the adorable toy pandas.

• New-for-January-2020, the cutest mobs in Minecraft™! Mom and baby panda Minecraft characters sit, stand and move their heads. An ocelot has come to visit, there's bamboo to eat and Alex has brought a pie to share!

• Kids can build and play with their own Minecraft™ environment. There’s a hut to prepare for the pandas with a rooftop bed for tired babies. And, if there’s any Minecraft gold to be mined, Alex has his diamond pickaxe!

• This versatile Minecraft™ playset makes a great Christmas, birthday or any-other-day gift for boys and girls aged 7 and up. Great for panda-lovers and Minecraft players wanting new ways to play their favorite game.

• At over 7” (19cm) long, 3” (9cm) high and 3” (8cm) wide, the playset brings Minecraft™ excitement into the real world – and kids can increase the fun even more by combining it with other LEGO® sets.

• No need for batteries, so the fun starts straight from the box! The hands-on independent play is powered by kids’ imaginations – which boosts their dexterity, creativity and problem-solving skills.

• Simple instructions for kids get them building and playing without delay! And if the instructions go missing, just download a fresh set from building instructions.

• Every LEGO® Minecraft™ construction toy brings Minecraft’s online excitement into the real world. With high-quality, authentic-looking models, LEGO Minecraft sets take kids’ play experience into a new dimension!

• All LEGO® toys meet the highest industry standards as well as our own quality criteria. You can be sure they are consistent, compatible and always connect and pull apart perfectly – and it's been that way since 1958!

• At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scratch and stretch LEGO® bricks and pieces to ensure they meet the highest global safety and quality standards – so you can be sure your child is safe.

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