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2140 Roadside Recovery and Tow Truck is a Promotional Town set that was released in 1995.


The set includes several vehicles, a repair shop that includes a large variety of tools, and 3 minifigures.

Three vehicles are included. The first is a blue car with a sun-roof. Another is the yellow repair car, which has 3 tools connected to the back which can be removed. The last vehicle is the tow-truck, with a winch and grappling hook.

The repair shop includes many accessories, including a walkie-talkie, a broom, a hammer, a drill, and a few others. Also to be found is a spare wheel.

A few other seperate accessories consist of a car-jack, a couple caution lights, a yield sign, and some plants.


  • On the doors and hood of the yellow repair car and the tow-truck is printed ANWB. The sign for the repair shop reads wegenwacht.
  • On the box art are signs that show directions to Amsterdam, showing this to be based on the Netherlands.
  • All of the minfigures that come with this set are wearing sunglasses.

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