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"You think THAT was fast?!"
―Natalie Breez

2142 Breez 2.0 is an Hero Factory set that was released in January 2011. The set includes a lime green Hero, the 2.0 upgrade of Natalie Breez.


Natalie Breez is built with an entirely new technique than that of 1.0, including more flexible appendages and ball-joint connecting armor. She keeps her lime green colour scheme from 1.0, with an additional red colour. She wears an smoke protection mask as headgear, along with the standard 2.0 helmet, and her armour is mainly constructed from the smallest 2.0 armor. However, on her right side, her forearm is protected with a large armour piece sporting a straight red spike. Another larger piece is the printed armor piece on her right thigh. The hands and the feet were redesigned, as each hand has four fingers, unlike the 1.0 three-fingered hands. Also, unlike the transparent orange head of her original variant, Breez has a solid-coloured red head, of a different shape than the 1.0 heads. She uses two "multi-tool blades" as weapons.


In the Tanker Station 22 Ordeal of Fire, Breez 2.0 operates as a close combat specialist. A rookie in Rise of the Rookies, Natalie Breez rose to the rank of a full-fledged Hero after showing maturity in the battles against Von Nebula. Due to her unique core, Breez has the unique ability to communicate with almost every kind of animal.

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Creep up on the fire villains without being detected!

Hero Breez, report in immediately! Off-world Tanker Station 22 is being taken over by the flame gulping fire villains. Use your stealthy new gear to sneak in close without detection. Then use your multi-tool with hand-held blades to teach them who’s boss! They won’t even see you coming!

  • Headgear features eye protection, camera and antenna!
  • Includes detachable throwing blades, hooks, cable-cutting blades and a lava-cutting circular blade!
  • Features red hero core chest plate!
  • Stands over 6” (17cm) tall!


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