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2145 Stormer 3.0 is a Hero Factory set that was released in July 2011. The set includes a white hero, Preston Stormer's 3.0 form, which is the third version of the original Preston Stormer.


Stormer 3.0 wields a modified version of his trademark multifunctional ice weapon on Quatros, the Savage Planet. It sports two blue spikes and a dark silver 'villain core' piece. His helmet is shaped like a rhino's head, and all of his armour pieces but one are white. The exception is the transparent green armour badge that all 3.0 Heroes have. On his left arm, he has a body armour piece with a blue spike, similar to Stringer 3.0's. His body armour piece is dark silver, the chest armour white, and his core is the same blue as his head.


Stormer is the leader of the Alpha 1 team, and the main enemy of both Witch Doctor and Von Nebula, as the top-ranking Hero in all of Hero Factory. He is dedicated, loyal and no-nonsense, and seems harsh and strict to rookies.


  • Unlike his 2.0 version, Stormer 3.0 features normal length legs.
  • He is one of two heroes who made it from 1.0 to 3.0 using every upgrade. The other is Furno.
  • He has a similar claw feature as 2143 Rocka 3.0
  • This set is included in 66414 Hero Factory Twin-Pack. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Find out what’s happening on Quatros!

Stormer! Gather the team and rush to jungle planet Quatros. Assist Rocka in stopping Witch Doctor before he removes the planet’s Quaza and destroys it. Use new rhino animal power and dual fold-out blades to fight through the beasts under Witch Doctor’s control to save the planet!

  • Features rhino fist with wrist shooter and twin fold-out blades!
  • Use white rhino animal power to defeat Witch Doctor!
  • Stormer’s specialties are leading and commanding the team!
  • Includes blue hero core on chest!
  • Stands over 6” (17cm) tall!


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