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2162 Hydro Reef Wrecker is an Aquazone Aquaraiders set that was released in 1997.


2162 Hydro Reef Wrecker is the largest Aquaraiders set, containing 279 parts. It has a green, black, and transparent neon green colour scheme. This is the only Aquaraiders set with more than one vehicle. It is made up of two vehicles, which attach together. The bottom vehicle is a rover, with three wheels. It has a drill in front. It has a large storage space for crystals. It also carries two diving flippers. The other vehicle is smaller, but propels itself with propellers. It has two harpoons and carries two diving flippers. In addition to being the only Aquaraiders set with more than one vehicle, it is the only Aquaraiders set to come with two Aquaraiders. The two vehicles attach with a pin.

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The Aquaraiders, oblivious to the battles of the Aquanauts and Aquasharks, destroy reefs and natural landmarks in their greedy hunt for Crystals.

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