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2193 Jetbug is a Hero Factory set that was released in January 2011. It includes a red, yellow, and black villain named Jetbug.


Jetbug uses a new jetpack piece, that is used on the four new villains, as well as a Meteor Blaster with a red ball along with two short swords. The piece used for his head is the same as the piece used on Nitroblast, but backwards of the orientation used on Nitroblast.

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Steal the fuel and leave the heroes in the dust!

Urgent! Jetbug and the other fire villains are attacking Tanker Station 22. If he’s not stopped, he will fly off with the hero-pod fuel using his powerful back-mounted jet engines. Watch out for his razor-sharp pincers and do not let him start his jet engines or we’ll never be able to catch him!

  • Fire up the back-mounted jet engines to escape even the fasted hero!
  • Armed with razor-sharp pincers and hand-held lava sphere shooter
  • Equipped with steel-piercing mandibles and red-hot lava spikes
  • Stands over 7” (19cm) tall


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