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High Adventure Deep Underground
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Rock Raiders


2200945 Rock Raiders - High Adventure Deep Underground is a Rock Raiders book released in 2000.

It is illustrated by LEGO Media International, Denmark.


Only three days from home, the LEGO Rock Raiders' spaceship, LMS Explorer, is hit by a savage meteorite storm. Sucked into a black hole and suffering from complete power loss, the Rock Raiders' only hope of getting home is to find LEGO crystals on a nearby planet to restore energy to their spaceship. But the team hadn't bargained on the planet's residents...

Will the LEGO Rock Raiders fend off the monsters?

Will Sparks repair the damage to the spaceship in time?

Will the Chief and his loyal team ever reach home?

Read this exciting computer generated comic strip story to find out!


  • There are a two word localisations in this book for the individual UK and North American releases. In the UK version "tea" and "holiday" are used whereas "coffee" and "vacation" are used in the North American version.
  • The 3D models of the minifigures seen in this book were reused in the FMVs made for LEGO Stunt Rally and the face of Chief was reused for the Infomaniac when he is seen in the FMVs made for LEGO Island 2. The FMVs for both were also made by LEGO Media International.
  • Chief is shown to have a regular yellow hand on his right arm which is incorrectly given the dark turquoise colour that his left arm is meant to have. He also reuses Docs' torso print rather than his own.
  • Jet's visor on the first two pages appears to be white as opposed to the trans neon green one she has throughout the rest of the book, this was possibly a lighting error which would have likely been costly to render again so was still used.