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2232 Raw-Jaw is a Hero Factory set that was released in July 2011.


A Raw-Jaw is red and has two large fists. They have black and silver details, and carriy a corrupted Quaza spike on their backs. His back feet are the same as those of several Ben 10 aliens.


A Raw-Jaw's home planet is Quatros. They are strong, fast and agile as a gorilla, and wield two big tusks like an elephant, which is the reason they have no natural foes. Witch Doctor managed to capture him and fitted him with a corrupted Quaza Spike, with which he controls him. Raw-Jaw is now used to transport the Quaza minerals mined for Witch Doctor.[1]


  • On Raw-Jaw's preliminary box he is called "Mamut". Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Overpower the heroes and steal their armor!

Watch out, heroes! Recon has picked up a huge beast headed your way. With the agility and speed of a gorilla and armed with what look like elephant tusks, Raw-Jaw is going to take some power to stop! Look out for the corrupted quaza spike on his back!

  • Features elephant tusks and corrupted quaza spike
  • Fight off the heroes with lethal elephant tusks!
  • Stands over 6” (16cm) tall



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