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2233 Fangz is a Hero Factory set that was released in July 2011.


A Fangz walks on four legs and has clawed feet. They resemble a wolf and is silver and black in colour. Fangz carries three translucent corrupted Quaza spikes on his back. The silver spears are made out of elastic rubber, as included in 2063 Stormer 2.0 and 2067 Evo 2.0.


A wolf like creature called Fangz lives in the forests of the jungle planet Quatros. They hunt in packs and are agressive, taking on foes even larger than themselves. Fangz are fast and cunning, even climbing on trees, and wield jaw-mounted spears.[1]

Witch Doctor was able to fit several Fangz with corrupted Quaza Spikes, to able him to control them by thought.[1] Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Protect Witch Doctor from the heroes!

Get ready, heroes! Witch Doctor’s servant, Fangz, has been sighted! This ferocious beast will defend its master with everything it’s got, including the jaw-mounted spears and corrupted quaza spike. When Fangz appears, the Witch Doctor is close. So set proximity sensors to maximum!

  • Features jaw-mounted spears and corrupted quaza spike
  • Fire jaw-mounted spears at the heroes!
  • Stands over 6” (16cm) tall


  • On the prototype box he is called NN.



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