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2255 Sensei Wu is a 20 piece Ninjago spinner set that was released in August 2011 for $9.99.


It contains a redesigned black robed Sensei Wu minifigure, a spinner base (which is teal blue on the bottom and translucent teal blue on the top, which differs from the one in 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo), the Staff of the Dragons, a golden katana, a golden chained fang, and five collectable cards.


  • This set is the only spinner to contain three golden weapons.
  • Although 2256 Lord Garmadon is also a master of the four elements, he only has one golden weapon.
  • He has 300 SP in all four elements.
  • Each of his cards are either Fire, Ice, Earth or Lightning and no card has another from the same element.
  • Although all the weapons are golden, the Nin-Jo is the main weapon. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Lead the spinjitzu masters to victory against the evil skeleton army!

Sensei Wu, master of the power of creation, is the son of the first spinjitzu master and brother of evil Lord Garmadon. Spin the ultimate Spinjitzu master to victory with 4 battle cards to influence the outcome. Set includes 1 pure optic spinner, 3 weapons, 1 character card, 4 battle cards and LEGO® bricks.

  • Features Sensei Wu minifigure with pure optic spinner
  • Weapons include the golden staff, golden kusari gama and golden sword
  • Includes 1 character card, 4 battle cards and LEGO® bricks

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