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2266 Extra Large Value Bucket is a DUPLO set released in 1997. It contains 91 pieces, including a green figure and a blue figure.


The set contains a large number of basic Duplo blocks in red, blue, yellow, and green. Three of the blue blocks are printed: one has an image of a roof with red tiles and a yellow chimney printed on; one has an image of a red bird with a yellow beak, crown, and tail printed on; and one has an image of a smiling sun with an orange centre and yellow rays printed on. In addition to these basic bricks included is a yellow door and red door frame, a green piece with four red wheels attached, and a blue piece with four yellow wheels attached.

The set also comes with two figures. The first figure is male and has pale skin, green clothing, brown hair, and a smile. The second figure is female and has yellow skin, blue clothing, red hair, and a smile.

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