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2435 Western Town is a DUPLO Western set that was released in 1998. It contained 37 pieces, including four DUPLO Figures.


This set includes a horse-carried stagecoach that can hold one figure. On the horse there is also a spot to hold a figure. There is also a cactus in this set with a bud on top of it. There are a few animals and some gates to trap the animals in, such as a pig and two horses, one of which operates the stagecoach. There appears to be a back, which is a teller and a window with a roof. The set itself includes four figures, three of which are presumed to be male while on is female. There is a barrel, a brick with barrels printed onto it, a brick with some food printed onto it, a crate to store the food and a drinking barrel for the horse.


  • Part 31021 (Old Brown, x3)
  • Part 3011 (Green, x3)
  • Part 6441 (Red, x2)
  • Part 3011 (Red, x2)
  • Part 31177 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 31174c02 (Green, x1)
  • Part 6440 (Red, x1)
  • Part 31170 (Blue, x1)
  • Part 31168 (Green, x1)
  • Part 6510 (Red, x1)
  • Part 31181cx5 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 4555cx088 (Blue, x1)
  • Part 4555cx087 (Red, x1)
  • Part 6453cx1 (Red, x1)
  • Part 31182 (Old Brown, x1)
  • Part 6360 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 2205 (Red, x1)
  • Part 4882 (Red, x1)
  • Part 31180 (Fabuland Brown, x1)
  • Part 6446 (Old Brown, x1)
  • Part 31111px12 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 3011 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 3437 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 4066bpx091 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 4066bpx047 (Red, x1)
  • Part 4066bpx039 (Yellow, x1)
  • Part 6531cx2 (Fabuland Brown, x1)
  • Part 6531cx3 (Old Brown, x1)
  • Part 31169 (Green, x1)
  • Part 6679cx1 (Fabuland Brown, x1)

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