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2520 Ninjago Battle Arena is a Limited Edition 463 piece Ninjago set that was released in January 2011. It includes two Minifigures, Cole in his DX version and Bonezai.


  • The set has a pagoda gate and wall surrounding them.
  • The set has two different entrances, one for Cole and the other for Bonezai.
  • The set features two gold weapons for each minifigure, while most spinner sets only provide one per minifigure. Cole has a golden flail (also used by Zane DX) and Bonezai has a golden bone axe and golden dark blade.
  • Images of the set on the online LEGO shop have Bonezai with Chopov's head
  • On the back of the set "Bonezai" is spelled "Aonezai".
  • This is the second non Bionicle set to include a Thornax. The first is 8899 Gator Swamp.

Minifigures included

Cole (DX Version)Bonezai Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Battle in the area to win weapons!

Let the battle begin in the LEGO® Ninjago Battle Arena! Place your characters on the spinner, arm them with 14 different weapons and use the battle cards to spin your way to victory! Watch out for the deadly flick and ball shooters! Set includes 2 minifigures with special accessories, 2 spinners, 14 weapons, 2 character cards and 8 battle cards.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Cole in dragon suit and Bonezai
  • Features 14 weapons: 2 scythes, 3 daggers, big golden blade, spiked blade, 3 swords, spear, pair of golden nunchucks, golden bone axe and bone weapon
  • Flick-fire the ball shooters
  • Use the 2 character cards and 8 battle cards to battle with your friends!
  • Battle Arena measures over 16” (40cm) wide and 5” (12cm) tall


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