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2521 Lightning Dragon Battle is a 645 piece Ninjago set released in Summer 2011 for $79.99. It includes Jay, Sensei Wu, Frakjaw, and Kruncha.


Lightning Dragon

The dragon has two hands just like the Fire Dragon, chains attached to the head, just like the Ice Dragon, so the other end of the chain attaches to Jay's hands, the same seat for the minifigure, just like the Fire Dragon but with barrels attached to the sides, two long spears mounted on the wings, two flags in the body part of the dragon, just like the Earth Dragon, and something like the Fire Dragon's tail only blue. What is very very different about this dragon than the other dragons is that it has four feet and two hands (hands are attached to the wings just like the Ice and Fire Dragons). It has two feet right down of the body part of the dragon, just like the Ice Dragon, and two feet in the sides of the tail. Also, it has a long neck like the Fire Dragon. By squeezing the head, one can fire a blue zamor sphere representing a lightning bolt. According to Ninjago: Rise of The Snakes the dragon's name is Wisp.

Skull Chopper

The Skull Chopper is piloted by Frakjaw. It has 4 flick-fire missiles at the sides with a skeleton headpiece for the top part of the missile. The front of the Helicopter has a face of a skeleton, a design that looks something like the face on the 2263 Turbo Shredder and the 2259 Skull Motorbike, but not exactly. It is more like Samukai. It has four blades at the top which rotate. There is also a short fire piece (not a big one like the other mobile sets like the 2263 Turbo Shredder and the 2259 Skull Motorbike). The main feature of the Helicopter is that at the bottom, is a cage to trap Sensei Wu. There is a rope piece connected to the cage, to the back of the Helicopter, probably to pull him up. Also, the jaws of the Samukai-like head snap open and closed, and the cockpit can open by lifting the "forehead".


When the ninja found the Nunchucks of Lightning, in the Floating Ruins, the Lightning Dragon (nicknamed Wisp by Jay) appeared. The ninja escaped the Floating Ruins but the dragon did not follow. When Kai and Nya escaped the Fire Temple, they brought the Lightning Dragon, along with the other Dragons, to the temple. Jay eventually rode the Dragon into the Underworld. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Fly the Lightning Dragon to rescue Sensei Wu!

Frakjaw and Kruncha have captured Sensei Wu and stole the nunchucks of lightning with their helicopter. Help Jay and the fearsome Lightning Dragon to rescue him and retrieve the golden weapon before they escape into the Underworld! Beware of the helicopter’s snapping jaws and flick missiles! Includes 9 weapons and a spinner.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Jay, Sensei Wu, Frakjaw and Kruncha
  • Weapons include: 2 golden spears, 2 large spears, silver mace, sword, golden blade, staff and nunchucks of lightning
  • Spit lethal lightning balls with the Lightning Dragon!
  • Battle for Spinjitzu glory with the spinner!
  • Snap the Lightning Dragon’s jaws!
  • Battle with the Lightning Dragon’s poseable wings, tail and limbs!
  • Lightning Dragon measures over 17" (45cm) wide and 19” (48cm) long
  • Helicopter measures over 4" (10cm) wide and 9” (25cm) long

Minifigures included

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FrakjawKrunchaJay (DX)Sensei Wu (Black Robes)