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2532 Aircraft and Ground Crew (also known as 2532 Passenger Jet with Fuel Tanker) is a Town Airport themed promotional set that was released in 1998. It contains an airplane, a small tank truck, and three minifigures, including a pilot, one ground crew member, and a passenger.


The aircraft has two passenger seats behind the cockpit and a small baggage hold behind the passenger section. The plane's interior could be accessed by tilting up the roof and a part of the left side. The baggage hold could be opened separately.

This was the third passenger plane with a conventional tailplane arrangement instead of the more common T-tail. Another peculiarity is the fact that the passenger section didn't have any windows. Instead, it used stickers that gave the impression of a long window row.


  • This set was virtually identical to 2718 Aircraft and Ground Crew from 2001, which just had different coloured stickers on the plane's fuselage.
  • Although this set is based on a passenger plane, it only fits a small number of minifigures.


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