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2536 Jetski is a Divers set that was released in 1998. It contains a small jetski and 1 Female Diver. It is a Shell promotional set. It has 25 pieces.


The set consists of a minifigure, which is exclusive to this set, on a red jet ski. The diver has a scuba tank and a pair of goggles, and holds a yellow harpoon. Because the minifigure is holding a harpoon, it is suggested to the buyer that the minifigure has set out to hunt an underwater animal, however it also could just be for self protection.

The jet ski itself has a dolphin logo on the front of it, which is the Divers logo. This piece, Part 6153px1, is exclusive to this set. There are fins on both sides of the back of the jet ski as well.

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