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2581 School Bus is a DUPLO set that was released in 1997.


The main feature of the set is a large, yellow bus with four working black wheels. The bus is molded in a way where details such as headlights and a license plate are visible, and the bus is printed on the sides. The printing contains images of the bus's windows and doors, as well as images of the set's other contents behind these. The overall effect of the printing is that the contents appear to be riding in the bus. The top of the bus is black and functions as a baseplate where builders can stack blocks.

Aldo included within the set are some basic blocks, which come in red, blue, yellow, and green, and some animals. The animal figures included within the set are a lion cub, an orca, and a crocodile. Several of the basic blocks are printed with eyes to allow builders to create their own animals.

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