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263 Ford Taunus de Luxe with Garage is a System i Leg HO 1:87 Vehicles set first released in 1961. It was in production from 1961 until 1963.


The set includes one car in 1:87 scale, and a Garage or Showroom for storage. It was released in eight different colours: black, dark gray, red, cobalt blue, white, light cream, dark cream, and metallic blue.


  • This set is the same as 268 Ford Taunus with Garage, released in 1963.
  • LEGO released another version of the Ford Taunus in 1960: 663 Ford Taunus deluxe with Garage, there was a small change in design. The trunk of the newer version had a interrupted line.
  • This vehicle is included in 695 6 European Cars, without the garage.