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2824 City Advent Calendar is a LEGO City Seasonal advent calendar that was released in August 2010. It was available at the LEGO store, Target, or at Toys 'R' Us. Included are 276 pieces and six minifigures. The set typically features Christmas related elements like a Santa Claus minifigure or a snowman.


Day 1: Snowman with broom
Day 2: Boy with sword
Day 3: Skateboard with ramp
Day 4: Toy crane
Day 5: Drum set
Day 6: Girl with cat
Day 7: Piano
Day 8: Dog with bowl
Day 9: Toy plane
Day 10: Man with suitcase
Day 11: Fireplace
Day 12: Sled
Day 13: Toy fire truck
Day 14: Woman with bread
Day 15: Table with chairs
Day 16: Sofa/Couch
Day 17: Shower
Day 18: Santa Claus with Brush
Day 19: Toy train car (red)
Day 20: Toy bulldozer
Day 21: Toy train car (yellow)
Day 22: Toy helicopter
Day 23: Christmas tree
Day 24: Santa Claus with toy train engine


  • This set is very different from old City advent calendars in many ways, including:
    • It comes with six minifigures instead of nine.
    • It includes two Santa Claus minifigures instead of one.
    • Many of the gifts are mini toys.
    • Instead of being objects from around the community, most of the items are objects from around the house.
  • Some of the gifts are mini versions of real LEGO sets. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The holidays are coming to LEGO® City, one gift at a time!

Unwrap an adventure during the first 24 days of December! Countdown to the holidays with a new LEGO® City minifigure, vehicle or accessory every morning! Deck the halls of LEGO City with buildable holiday novelties!

  • Open a window containing a build for December 1st through December 24th!
  • Includes 24 LEGO City themed gifts
  • Includes 6 minifigures
  • Builds inside including a Christmas tree, fireplace and Santa’s train set.
  • Features holiday accessories, furniture and lots of cool vehicles


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