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2871 Diver and Shark is a small Divers set released in 1997. It contains a diver, a white shark, and some treasure. It is a promotional release with Blockbuster in 1997 and Little Chef in 1998, which explains why it is so small, as most promotional sets of that era were usually very small.


This set includes one minifigure, who is riding an underwater scooter, who stumbles upon a shark and some treasure. Among the treasure is a pirate sword and several transparent studs in a barrel. Also included is a lid for the barrel. The shark appears in white, which was a rarer colour than the regular grey shark.

The minifigure himself carries a harpoon, a Divers mask and a scuba tank. Even though his head and body are featured in other sets, the minifigure with all of the pieces attached to him is exclusive to this set.

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