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30004 Battle Droid on STAP is a Star Wars: The Clone Wars set released in 2009. It contains a blue STAP, or Single Trooper Aerial Platform, with a Battle Droid. It was available free with the Daily Mirror in the UK on Tuesday 8 September, 2009.


At the top of the STAP is a blue 'hood' that lightsaber handle guns can connect onto. The 'hood' is then connected onto the main body. The main body has two blue pieces that have studs of five of its six sides. These two bricks are joined together by two blue studs. The top six-sided blue piece has dark grey engines, while the bottom one has some dark blue wings. A front panel is joined onto two of the six-sided blue pieces. This is built of a 1x4x1/3 piece with a 1x2x1/3 piece in the middle. On top of the 1x2x1/3 piece is a flat blue 1x2x1/3 piece. Unlike the other Star Wars: The Clone Wars sets, this has no sticker on the flat 1x2x1/3. On the other two free suds of the 1x4x1/3 are sloping bricks, one of them dark grey and 3 studs long, while the other being only 1x1.


During the Clone Wars, STAPs were used by the CIS speeders. They were agile craft, and relied on their speed to dodge enemy fire rather than being well armoured. STAPs were commonly also armed with a pair of laser cannons.


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