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30008 Snowman is a Seasonal Creator set released in 2009. It contains 44 pieces to construct a snowman with a broom.


The snowman has a 'snow ball' at the bottom, which is made out of white curved bricks, giving it a circular look. At the front of this, a 2x3x1/3 piece is placed vertically, with two black studs at the front. Above this 'snowball' is a second section built on a 2x4x1/3 plate, but then sloping in. At the front of this is a red bow tie. The arms are black with one of them curved, and the other straight. Above the second section, there is a third section, which is the head. This has a orange cone depicting a carrot nose, and two black studs for eyes. Above this is a black hat with a 4x4x1/3 circular plate on which the hat is built on. The snowman comes with one accessory, a brick-built broom with a black stick, and brown bristles.

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With an orange carrot nose, a bright red bow tie, and a broom in his hand, this buildable LEGO snowman is all ready for the holidays and for you to hang him up on your tree!

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