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30009 Christmas Tree is a Seasonal Creator Christmas set released in 2009.


This set contains a Christmas tree and several presents. The tree's base is a circular red piece. At each level, white TECHNIC pieces with three points are located just below the green sloped bricks for leaves. The white pieces give the effect of a frosty coating. The tree features a clear Jewel piece for the star and red, gold and silver studs for the ornaments. It also includes multi-coloured bricks to be presents underneath the tree.

This set was in the UK part in an autumn promotion of the newspaper The Daily Mirror. The promotion ran from October the 23rd to November the 3rd. It was re-released on October 11 2012 as part of the fourth The Sun / News of the World Promotion. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Build a festive LEGO Christmas tree, complete with decorations on the branches, a transparent jewel at the top, and a pile of colorful presents at the base!

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