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30029 Pudsey Bear is a promotional Creator set released in 2011. It is a model of British charity BBC Children in Need's mascot, Pudsey Bear. All profits from this set went to Children In Need. They were sold in selected ASDA supermarkets and LEGO Stores in the UK. It was available again in 2012 on LEGO Shop @ Home. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Help BBC Children in need!

This year, the LEGO® designers have teamed up with BBC Children in Need to create an extra special LEGO Pudsey Bear! All LEGO profits for the sale of the LEGO Pudsey will be donated to the charity to support a variety of projects across the UK. So, you can help make a difference to disadvantaged children and young people! This unique LEGO Pudsey Bear is made up of 95 bricks and comes with Pudsey’s famous polka-dot bandage!

  • All LEGO® profits go to BCC Children in Need
  • At least £1 from the sale of this LEGO Pudsey will be donated to the BBC Children in Need Appeal, a company limited by guarantee
  • Measures 1” (2cm) tall and over 1” (2cm) long


  • The bandage is exclusive to this set.


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