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30102 Desk is a Friends set released in 2012. It includes Olivia, a table, a chair, and a laptop computer.


The set consists primarily of a large table. It is set on four legs, two on each side, connected by dark pink arches. The table itself consists simply of a white 4x6 plate, with various objects set upon it. They various objects are: a black laptop, a pink mug, a smartphone printed on a 1x2 tile, a lamp made of a bronze telescope and a transparent pink dish piece, and a flowerpot made of a set of flowers mounted on a transparent minifigure head. In addition to the table, the set includes a small stool for Olivia to sit on, made of a 2x2 round white tile placed on a round lime green 2x2 brick.


In Germany was the set part of two magazines for girls. The magazines are Bibi und Tina and Bibi Blocksberg. The magazines cost each € 3.20.

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