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30105 Mailbox is a Friends set released in 2012. It consists of a mail box and a stand selling flowers and chocolate. It includes Stephanie in the same variation that she appeared in 5000245 Stephanie and 3183 Stephanie's Cool Convertible. She is seen with a letter, which presumably she will place into the mailbox. The mailbox is like regular mailboxes, such as the one featured in 6420 Mail Carrier.


The set consists of two main parts, a mailbox and a flower boutique. The mailbox is made by placing a brown mailbox on a lime green round 2X2 brick. Two pink cheese slopes are then placed onto either side of the mailbox's roof. The flower boutique is made out of several white plates set atop some white bricks. A 2X6 white plate is connected to the stand at a slanted angle, making a display stand for the boutique's wares: a bouquet of pink flowers, and a box of chocolates. Two poles, made of a white cone attached to a bronze telescope, are located on either end of the stand, and support its sign. The sign is flat, with two pink slanted bricks at either end of it. In between the two bricks is a large red heart, positioned so that it forms a logo for the shop.

Minifigure Included

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