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30141 Jet-Pack is an promotional Alien Conquest set released in 2011. In Europe the set came free with purchases of €25 or more in an Official LEGO Store or on the LEGO Store in August. It has 19 pieces.


The set consists of an ADU Rookie with a jet-pack attached to his back by a body-armour piece. The pack has wings, two lasers and is propelled through the air by two rockets. The Rookie is equipped with a laser blaster and a pair of binoculars.


The set was given out free in the following circumstances:

  • Spending €25 in a European LEGO Store on online in August 2011.
  • It was part of the Sun newspaper promotion on October 12 2011.
  • It was also promoted in Australia by spending $50 or more in Target stores; buyers got this, only with Alien Conquest purchases.

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