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3015 Space Police Car is a Space Police II set that was released in 1998. It includes a small open spacecraft and one minifigure.


The Space Police Car, which is actually a small Spaceship, is one of the smallest Space Police II sets. It has two rockets for weaponry, which can also be used as thrusters, and lasers. These can rotate up and down. The ship is piloted by one Space Police Officer, using two "joysticks". Like many SP II sets, the Space Police Car has the SP II logo on it. It is roughly arrowhead shaped.


To fight the evil Blacktron Future Generation, the people of M-Tron enlisted the help of the Space Police II.


  • The set is identical to 1916 Starion Patrol from 1993 except the fact that this officer's uniform is a darker shade of green.
  • The set only includes 18 pieces, making it one of the smallest Space Police sets released.

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