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30163 Thor and the Cosmic Cube is a Marvel polybag released in July 2012. It was given away as a promotion for the Sun newspaper in the UK. It is available at Toys R Us in the US.


It includes Thor with Mjolnir and a rock formation in which the Cosmic Cube (Tesseract) is held. There is a small TECHNIC axle inside which is connected to a lever holding the Cosmic Cube underneath. Another small liftarm is connected to the axle on the outside, so when it is pushed down (or slammed down by Thor wielding Mjolnir as the packaging suggests), The lever holding the Cosmic Cube is flipped up, knocking a section of the rock wall out of the way to reveal the Cube.


The background on the packaging suggests that the model might represent the portal machine in The Avengers as the machine is in the background of the polybag. It is based on a deleted scene in which Thor attempts to destroy the machine, but fails due to the protective shield around it.

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