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30200 Zombie Coffin Car is a Monster Fighters polybag set released in 2012. It contains a 'coffin car' and a Zombie Driver minifigure.


The set consists of a car, made of a coffin. The coffin forms the main chassis and cockpit of the vehicle, and a has a steering wheel in it. A set of white wheels with black tires protrudes from each end of the car. The front wheel area has headlights and a large black grille attached to it, and the rear section has two sets of silver rockets.

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Creep through the streets in the LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car! It's cool to be a ghoul in the LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car, perfect for running eerie errands for his master Lord Vampyre! Get out of the graveyard and into the driver's seat with the LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car! The cool black coffin-on-wheels has real rubber tires, flame-detailed exhaust and spooky red headlights. Put the Zombie Driver behind the wheel and run errands for Lord Vampyre!

The LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car (30200) features:

  • A coffin frame, real rubber tires and flame exhaust
  • Includes Zombie Driver minifigure
  • Easy to build
  • Makes a great addition to any LEGO Monster Fighters building set!
  • Ages 6 - 12.
  • Contains 32 pieces


  • Unlike most Monster Fighters sets, this one does not include any glow-in-the-dark pieces.
  • It could originally only be found in LEGO Discovery Centres in the United States, and Toys "R" Us. However, it is due to be given away with The Sun Newspaper (Token to be presented at either Toys "R" Us or W.H.Smith) on October 31, 2012, in the UK, coincidentally, in time for Halloween, of which makes sense due to the set's background, and theme.

Minifigure Included