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30201 Ghost is a Monster Fighters set that was released on June 8, 2012. It contains a grandfather clock and a Ghost minifigure.


The majority of the set consists of an almost entirely brown clock. It is set upon a 2X4 base, which is mounted on four studs, one at each corner. A 1X2 tile and two cheese slopes (at the front, left, and right respectively) are set on the plate. Two 1X2 brown bricks are then set atop each other in between the three elements on the base. A 1X2 plate is then set upon these bricks, and a 1X2 brick with a hook i it set upon that. The brick's hook has a light grey part attached into it, which is pointed downwards, forming the clock's pendulum. On top of the 1X2, a 1X2 plate is set. On the far left and right of it are set identical columns, made of an oval part set atop a stud. In between these two columns, is a SNOT brick, with a tan circular 2X2 plate attached to it. Stuck onto that piece is a further 2X2, this time a white tile printed with a clock face. Set atop the columns and the top of the SNOT brick is a further 1X2 brick. In the middle of that, is a 1X2 brick, with two cheese slopes set onto it, forming a pyramid shape.
The included ghost is built of a white torso and black head, with glow-in-the-dark shroud (moulded with a screaming expression) slid over it. In place of ordinary legs, the ghost has a white brick attached to the bottom of its torso. It has a ball and chain attached to the bottom of the brick.


Minifigure Included

Ghost (no legs)



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