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30224 Ride-On Lawn Mower is a City polybag released in 2013. It contains 42 pieces, and was sold for a limited time in the USA (August 2013) and UK (July–August 2013).


The polybag contains 42 pieces, which assemble a small lawnmower. The lawnmower is a ride-on mower, with a green and gray color scheme. It contains two blades in the front left and front right, which resemble a street sweeper more than a mower. The mower has green studs for headlights, a windshield, and slanted back. It contains a single exclusive minifigure, that has a yellow cap and blue jacket with pockets and orange stripes.


Worker with Blue Jacket and Yellow Cap


  • The set was sold for a limited time in USA and UK stores only.

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