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30230 Mini Mech is a 28 piece Galaxy Squad polybag set released in 2013, which started to show up in Walmart stores in the United States in February 2013, and Target stores in September-October 2013.


The set includes the Galaxy Squad Orange Team member, Jack Fireblade, and a small mech, with four legs.

The mech is made up of mainly white, with flashes of orange and dark grey. The bottom of the mech is made up of a 2x2 circular transparent-white piece connected to a black parabolic ring that supports the four legs. The legs are made up of two pieces, a robot arm and a transparent orange globe. A turntable piece is placed above the ring, connecting to the seat. The seat area is white, with a handle bar coming out of the bottom of it for the figure to hold onto. The back of the seat piece includes the gun, which is made of a white inverted roof tile placed on the upper area and an orange 2x2 piece with a new flat inverted tile to give it a sleek look. On both of the remaining studs of the inverted roof piece are two transprent yellow cones, which serve as the weaponry for the mech.


The mini-mech is a known vehicle of the Orange Division of the Galaxy Squad, with its pilot, Jack Fireblade. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Add orange squad firepower to your space battles!

Blast the alien enemy from all sides with the Mini Mech’s rotating cockpit! Jack Fireblade is armed and ready in this super-charged space vehicle with a moving quad leg base. Lead the orange squad into battle!

  • Includes Jack Fireblade minifigure
  • Collect and build this hard to find set!
  • Lead the orange squad into all of your LEGO® Galaxy Squad battles with the Mini Mech!

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