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30330 Birthday Cake is a DUPLO polybag that was released on January 1, 2020.


The polybag includes 8 pieces which are used to create a birthday cake. The first piece is a White 2x4 DUPLO plate. The second piece is a Reddish Brown 2x4 DUPLO plate which is placed on top of the white plate to make a cake-looking design. The plate is then topped by two pieces, a Vibrant Coral 2x2 brick and a Bright Yellow 2x2 brick with the numbers "2" and "3" printed on them, respectively. On top of those two is a White 2x4 brick with bows and a frosting printing on the front. Above that is a Medium Azur 2x2 brick with the number "1" printed on the front, and a Bright Yellow flower is placed on top of that as the candle base. On top of the flower is a White candle.

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