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30369 Beach Buggy is a City Polybag that was released on January 1, 2020.


The set is composed of 45 pieces to build a small buggy and minifigure. The buggy is composed of a car chassis and four wheels, and a 2 x 2 Medium Stone Gray angle plate that acts as a bumper. On it is a 1 x 2 holder with a stick in it, and on top of that is a 1 x 2 vent grill. On top of each wheel is a Flame Yellowish Orange mudguard, and on top of the front mudguards is a 1 x 1 Dark Orange angle plate with a stud that serves as the headlights. The front and the back of the car is rounded out by Flame Yellowish Orange hoods to give the car curvature, and there are Dark Orange tiles and plates with bows on the side of the car. In the seating area is a steering wheel and space for the minifigure to sit. In addition to the buggy there is a minifigure and a surfboard piece.

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